Radnoti Bubble Trap Compliance Chamber

Radnoti Bubble Trap Compliance Chamber

The Radnoti Bubble Trap compliance chamber is completely water jacketed for accurate temperature control. Fluid entry and exit ports are fitted with threaded luer lock ports to allow secure connection of fluid lines.

The side port or compliance port allows a constant flow of solution to the bubble trap where solution not accepted via the out flow port can be returned back to the source. This is an ideal feature for constant pressure protocols where pressure is set via the elevation of the bubble trap and variances in flow rate are determined by the sample during contraction or dilation.

The flow rate may be fixed at a rate higher than the anticipated requirement. Excess buffer is returned to the source reservoir via the compliance port. Changes in the demand of flow are accommodated without having to adjust pump delivery speed mid experiment.

The top vent port allows for priming of the chamber and adjustment of the dead air space to be maintained in the trap. Typically the dead air volume will serve as a dampener or shock absorber for pulsation related to pump mechanics.

Radnoti Bubble Trap Compliance Port and matching ring clamp.

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