Radnoti Micro Pressure Sensor

Radnoti Micro Pressure Sensor

The Radnoti 159905 Micro Pressure & Amplifier was designed to replace the larger, ungainly dome or flow through pressure transducers in all applications, especially those such as the Langendorff or working heart systems where several pressure transducers must be used in close quarters in a temperature regulated environment.

The compact, space-saving design incorporates a solid-state technology amplifier system.

The Radnoti transducer easily fits into any female luer lock port and takes up little more space than the existing luer port.

The Radnoti transducer and amplifier are priced competitively and have improved frequency response compared with the older style dome or flow through pressure sensors and amplifiers. For experiments where cost, ease of use and space are issues, such as in isolated heart or blood vessel perfusion experiments, the Radnoti Micro Pressure transducer is the ideal solution.

Requires 159902-PWR power supply.

SPECIFICATIONS OF #159905  Radnoti Pressure Sensor

Pressure range

  • 00-400 mmHg

Over pressure

  • 600 mmHg

Ambient pressure range

  • 670-800 mmHg

Analog input bandwidth frequency response drift

  • 1% of scale per 12 hours


  • 1% of Full Scale


  • 0.1 mmHg

Analog bandwidth/sample rate pressure

  • 500Hz/1Khz; 2x over sampling

A/D Resolution

  • 20 Bits

Analog output

  • 0-3 VDC from 0-300 mmHg

Length of Cable

  •  16″ / 40 cm

Amplifier dimensions

  • 53x33x16 mm (LxHxW)
Recommended Accessories for use with 195505 / 159907 Micro Pressure Transducers.
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