Myograph Chambers


#M1000 Radnoti Myograph Chamber

Using precision fabricated micro vessel support brackets, the chamber accommodates lumen diameters down to 60μm and segment lengths up to 3mm.  For samples with lumen diameters of
1mm or more, the standard Radnoti Tissue Organ Bath systems are recommended.  To mount the vessel segment, two individual parallel wires are passed through the sample lumen and attached to the micro vessel support brackets.  One bracket is connected to a precision 0 – 0.5gm capacitance type isometric force transducer (switch able to 0-5gm, and also available in 0-2gm/0 20gm configurations) that provides a true isometric measurement, i.e. less than 12.5μm deflection at 0.5gm force, which is critical when working with small vessel samples.

The opposing support bracket is connected to a precision micrometer controlling the X axis movement, with Y and minor Z axis positioning controls

Once mounted the sample is immersed into a 5ml working volume sample chamber that allows for filling, emptying and gassing of buffer solutions.

Myograph-chamber-callouotsThe #M1000 includes:

Catalog# Description Pkg. Store
M1000 Myograph Chamber w/ Transducer & Amp 1 Add To Cart
M9000 Myograph Chamber Only without Transducer/AMP or Assembly 1 Add To Cart
M9250 Replacement Glass Tube Set 1 Add To Cart
M9251 In-Flow glass tube 1 Add To Cart
M9252 Out-Flow glass tube 1 Add To Cart
M9253 Oxygenating glass tube 1 Add To Cart
M9254 Silicone-Luer adapter 1 Add To Cart
M9750 Jaw for ring support 1 Add To Cart
M9700 Tissue strip support 1 Add To Cart
M9603 Thermister 1 Add To Cart
159903 Bnc Cable 6′ 1 Add To Cart
M9601 Lock down screws 1 Add To Cart
M9602 Lock down washers 1 Add To Cart
M9260 M Field stimulation Electrode 1 Add To Cart
M1903 Hex tool 1 Add To Cart
M9050 50 Micron wire (pack) 1 Add To Cart
M9075 75 Micron wire (pack) 1 Add To Cart
M9125 120 Micron wire (pack) 1 Add To Cart