Radnoti Transducer Positoner

#159906 RadnotiĀ Transducer PositionerĀ 

The Radnoti transducer positioner uses a finely-threaded drive conveniently adjusted via a finger crank to precisely adjust the high sensitivity Isometric Transducer.

Coarse adjustments are made by depressing the drive disengagement button and sliding the transducer mounting collar into approximate position. The positioner frame has a 1/2″ clamping mechanism with lock-down screws at either end that permit the positioner to be slid and secured on a support rod or easily removed without dismantling the balance of equipment connected to the rod.

The transducer is mounted to the positioner via a collar with a 1/2″ hole secured with a thumbscrew, allowing horizontal movement of the transducer by sliding the transducer support rod through the collar.

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