1660 Series Hi-Tech Baths with Luer Locking Port

These baths are the same as our 1660 Series High Tech Tissue Baths with the addition of both drain and perfusate ports comes with a Luer Locking port.

Note: If ordering individual water jacketed components Radnoti QD tubing will be required (sold seperately). For QD tubing and accessories click here


High Tech Tissue Organ Bath with Luer Locking Port

Catalog# Volume O.D. I.D. Depth O.A.L. Pkg. Store
166003-LL 2ml 28mm 10mm 32mm 65mm 1 Add To Cart
166006-LL 5ml 32mm 15mm 45mm 70mm 1 Add To Cart
166011-LL 10ml 45mm 22mm 60mm 85mm 1 Add To Cart
166026-LL 25ml 51mm 25mm 80mm 105mm 1 Add To Cart
166051-LL 50ml 60mm 35mm 80mm 105mm 1 Add To Cart
1660-101-LL 100ml 80mm 51mm 90mm 95mm 1 Add To Cart
1660-201-LL 200ml 80mm 57mm 105mm 110mm 1 Add To Cart


Ring Clamp for High Tech Tissue Organ Bath with Luer Locking Port

Catalog# Description Pkg. Store
159953-2 Ring Clamp for 166003-LL 1 Add To Cart
159953-5 Ring Clamp for 166006-LL 1 Add To Cart
159953-10 Ring Clamp for 166011-LL 1 Add To Cart
159953-25 Ring Clamp for 166026-LL 1 Add To Cart
159953-50 Ring Clamp for 166051-LL 1 Add To Cart
159953-100 Ring Clamp for 1660-101-LL 1 Add To Cart
159953-200 Ring Clamp for 1660-201-LL 1 Add To Cart