1584 Series Preparatory Tissue Bath

The most critical time in isolated tissue experiments is the period starting from the removal of the tissue from its donor to the insertion of the tissue into an organ bath. During this period, the tissue is often exposed to variations in temperature and oxygen at a time when it is also being traumatized by dissection. This can lead to loss of tissue viability and compromised physiological and pharmacological properties. The Radnoti Preparatory Tissue Bath is designed to eliminate the variability and tissue damage that occurs during that critical period.

The bath is water-jacketed for stable temperature control and uses Radnoti Quick Disconnect Fittings. The built-in, side-mounted gas dispersion tube provides oxygen to maintain tissue viability. The open low form bath provides a stable, convenient preparatory surface that can be positioned beneath a dissecting microscope. The tissue may be pinned to the bottom of the bath using a 4-6mm paraffin or Sylgard coating (applied after taping the gas dispersion tube closed until the coating hardens). If necessary, the bath may be chilled by the circulation of cold water or an antifreeze solution or placed upon crushed ice.

Fabricated out of chemically inert and durable borosilicate glass. Fully autoclavable.

*Actual volumes are greater than stated volumes to allow for displacement of supports, accessories and samples.

Note: If ordering individual water jacketed components Radnoti QD tubing will be required (sold seperately). For QD tubing and accessories click here

Catalog# Description I.D. Depth Pkg. Store
158400-10 Prepatory Tissue Bath 41mm 10mm 1 Add To Cart
158401 Prepatory Tissue Bath (4mm raised
oxy tube for Sylgard)
80mm 20mm 1 Add To Cart
158400 Prepatory Tissue Bath 80mm 20mm 1 Add To Cart