1660 Series Tissue Bath for Large Organ or Single Cell Isolation Procedures

To accommodate researchers using larger organs such as adrenal glands, hearts, livers, kidneys, or those isolating cells from such organs,

The shallow form has a depth of 45mm, and an I.D. of 95mm. A pre-warming coil delivers solutions to a Luer entry port located two thirds of the way up the bath interior. The Luer fitting permits attachment of a cannula which is then placed into the organ. The deep form is 100mm with a 95mm I.D. and has a single pre-warming coil with bubble trap and Luer lock fitting.

Both baths feature a bottom drain, an overflow outlet to permit continuous perfusion and Radnoti quick disconnect fittings. The #166070 comes with an removable aerator.

*Actual volumes are greater than stated volumes to allow for displacement of supports, accessories and samples.

Note: If ordering individual water jacketed components Radnoti QD tubing will be required (sold seperately). For QD tubing and accessories click here

Tissue Baths for Large Organ or Single Cell Isolation Procedures

Catalog# Volume O.D. I.D. Depth Pkg. Store
166070 550ml 125mm 95mm 100mm 1 Add To Cart
166060 200ml 125mm 95mm 45mm 1 Add To Cart