Radnoti Tissue Grinders

Radnoti Tissue Grinders Radnoti tissue grinders are constructed out of borosilicate glass and are designed for dependable performance, efficiency and durability. The Radnoti tissue grinder line covers applications from micro liter samples to large tissue samples, from delicate preparations to disruption of tough connective tissue. The capped tissue grinders reduce problems caused by tipping and spilling of homogenates into ice baths and also limit aerosol contamination of the environment by the samples. The latter property is appreciated when dealing with pathogenic samples or potentially hazardous protease inhibitors.


Radnoti Econo Grind Tissue Grinders

Radnoti Micro Homogenizer
For applications that do not require the grinder to be capped or demand the optimal yield seen with our “Preci-Grind ” grinders, Radnoti offers the Econo-Grind line of tissue grinders. A precision ground ball pestle provides rapid grinding action and fast tissue dispersion.440611-Econo-Grind-Hi-Res

Catalog# Volume Tube height Pestle length Qty Store
440611 10-25ul 30mm 80mm 3 Add To Cart
440612 25-100ul 40mm 90mm 3 Add To Cart
440613 100-1000ul 50mm 100mm 3 Add To Cart

Radnoti Micro Homogenizer

The Radnoti micro homogenizer line uses a conically shaped tube to promote efficient homogenization and pellet formation after centrifugation. The vessel and pestle are designed to provide efficient manual grinding for small sample volumes. These micro homogenizers also function as micro reaction tubes and can be capped and sealed for freezer storage (the standing model is an ideal storage vessel). The conical tubes have been run at 7,000g for one hour. The standing models are suitable for only very low speed centrifugation. Three sizes are available in both the standing and conical models. Two homogenizers per box.440551-Tis-Grin-Conical-Hi-Res

Catalog# Type and Size Qty Store
440511 Conical 10-50ul 2 Add To Cart
440512 Conical 50-100ul 2 Add To Cart
440513 Conical 100-1000ul 2 Add To Cart
440551 Standing 10-50ul 2 Add To Cart
440552 Standing 50-100ul 2 Add To Cart
440553 Standing 100-1000ul 2 Add To Cart

Radnoti Preci-Grind

Radnoti precision micro tissue grinder “Preci-Grind” is our ultimate micro tissue grinder, featuring hand-crafted precision workmanship. These grinders are ideal for small tissue samples, isolated blood vessel sections, in-vitro radioligand binding and studies or any situation where it is necessary to achieve tissue homogenization with minimal sample loss and/or aerosol contamination. Preci-Grind pestle is a teardrop design that prevents sample losses due to accumulation on the pestle neck. The unit has a threaded neck with two caps. One cap is drilled for the pestle and the other is used for closure. Wall clearance is 30 microns with the bottom ground to match the pestle head. These units may be centrifuged, autoclaved or used for frozen storage. The Preci-Grind models are available in two sizes, three per package. Dimensions: Both sizes have 4.65 I.D. +/- 0.02mm, 7.8mm O.D. +/- 0.02mm, and Pestle Dia. 4.62mm +/- 0.02mm440630-Preci-Grind-Hi-Res

Catalog# Volume Tube height Pestle length Qty Store
440630 5-100ul 32mm 75mm 3 Add To Cart
440631 100-500ul 47mm 100mm 3 Add To Cart

Radnoti Centrifu-Grinder

The Centrifu-Grinder vessels are designed for larger volumes than our “Preci-Grind” and “Econo-Grind” lines. Like the Preci-Grind systems, these Centrifu-Grinders have threaded necks with polypropylene screw caps. The pestle fits through a drilled cap and an un-drilled cap is provided for storage of the vial and its contents. The drilled cap limits sample contamination and loss as well as reducing aerosol contamination. The vessel can be centrifuged and permits homogenization and centrifugation in the same vial, reducing processing and transfer losses. The units are constructed of chemically inert borosilicate glass. Available in three sizes packaged 3 per box, or as an assortment packaged 1 of each size.440614-Tis-Grin-Centri-Hi-Res

Catalog# Volume Qty Store
440614 .5ml 3 Add To Cart
440615 1ml 3 Add To Cart
440616 3ml 3 Add To Cart
440620 One of each 3 Add To Cart

Radnoti Straight Wall Grinders

These precision-crafted grinders with large ground glass wall surfaces are exceptionally well-suited for preparing some of the tougher connecting tissue and muscles. Initial rough grinding occurs at the bottom of the vessel, followed by fine grinding that occurs against the vessel walls. To permit vigorous grinding, the pestles of these units are capable of being mechanically, as well as manually driven. For conditions requiring closures we have a model which features polypropylene screw caps. This model comes with two caps, one accommodating the pestle and the other to seal the vessel.440410-Tiss-Grind-Hi-Res

Catalog# Volume Grinding Vessel Height Qty Store
440410 0.25ml 55mm 1 Add To Cart
440411 0.5ml 75mm 1 Add To Cart
440412 1ml 90mm 1 Add To Cart
440413 2ml 95mm 1 Add To Cart
440414 w/closure 0.5ml 55mm 1 Add To Cart
440415 w/closure 1ml 70mm 1 Add To Cart
440416 w/closure 2ml 90mm 1 Add To Cart

Radnoti Dounce Tissue Grinder

This tissue grinder is especially well-suited for isolation of nuclei, mitochondria and other intracellular organelles. The precise clearance (30-40 microns) between the pestle disrupts the cell without damaging the nucleus or other organelles. The homogenizer comes with a threaded neck that accommodates a drilled polypropylene cap for the passage of the pestle and a closure for storage. The unit is autoclavable. All volumes noted are working volume, approximately 30% of total volume.440910-Douce-Grind-Hi-Res

Catalog# O.D. Tube Height Working Volume Qty Store
440910 15mm 75mm 1ml 1 Add To Cart
440911 15mm 90mm 2ml 1 Add To Cart
440912 15mm 120mm 3ml 1 Add To Cart