Radnoti Tubing Adapter Kit

#120140-B Radnoti Tubing Adapter Kit

The Radnoti tubing adapter kit provides the user with a “make any” connection as it relates to your Radnoti perfusion system. ┬áThe kit comes in a sturdy red plastic container so you can keep things organized.


The Kit contains:

Catalog# Description Qty
120160-001 Radnoti Q.D. insert tool 1
120721 Insert for water jacket Q.D. fittings 25
120721 3-way luer stop cocks 8
120722 1-way luer stop cocks 10
120723-11 Male to male luer connector 12
120723-12 Male luer lock to hose barb 10
120723 Male luer connector to hose barb 12
120724 Female luer connector to hose barb 10
120725-1 Female to female luer connector 10
120726 Female luer “T” connector 10
120731 Finger snap luer lock ring 12
160196 Black threaded cap for Q.D. thread 12
160197 Blind black threaded cap for Q.D. thread Qty


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