Radnoti Tubing for Water Jacket and Perfusate

#140143 Radnoti Oxygenating Bubbler Standard

Non-toxic, nonpyrogenic, compatible with blood. Flex life greater than that of rubber. Dense, smooth bore provides outstanding flow characteristics.

Can be autoclaved or sterilized with steam, radiation, chemicals or gas. Ends are heat-sealed to prevent contamination in shipment.

Complies with Federal Specifications L-T-790B, Type 1 for medical applications.

Durometer: Shore A: 64.

Catalog# Description Pkg. Store
120157 0.093 x .156 Tygon for Radnoti Perfusate Tubing 50′ Add To Cart
120159 .187 x .312 Tygon for Radnoti Water Jacket Tubing 50′ Add To Cart
120155-188 .188 x .375 Silicone Tubing for Drain and Overflow 50′ Add To Cart

Radnoti “Quick Disconnect” Q.D. parts for water jacketed tubing

For use with the Radnoti water jacketed tubing, these items complete the assembly of the Radnoti water jacketed tubing.

Radnoti Q.D. Insert Tool

Radnoti Q.D. Insert Tool

Catalog# Description Pkg. Store
120160 Q.D. Insert sleeves for Radnoti water jacketed tubing 25 Add To Cart
160196 Black drilled Caps for Water Jacket Tubing 25 Add To Cart
120160-001 Radnoti Q.D. Insert Tool 1 Add To Cart