Tubing and Radnoti Quick Disconnect Parts


  • Non-toxic, nonpyrogenic, compatible with blood.
  • Flex life greater than that of rubber.
  • Dense, smooth bore provides outstanding flow characteristics.
  • Can be autoclaved or sterilized with steam, radiation, chemicals or gas.
  • Ends are heat-sealed to prevent contamination in shipment.
  • Complies with Federal Specifications L-T-790B, Type 1 for medical applications.
  • Durometer: Shore A: 64.


Catalog# Description Pkg. Store
120157 0.093 x .156 Tygon (Perfusate Tubing) 50ft Add To Cart
120159 .187 x .312 Tygon (Water Jacketed Tubing) 50ft Add To Cart
120155-188 .188 x .375 Silicone (Drain and Overflow) 50ft Add To Cart
140159 .5 x .625 Tygon Tubing 50ft Add To Cart

Quick Disconnect Replacement Parts

Catalog# Description Pkg. Store
120160 Q.D. Insert Sleeves 25 Add To Cart
160196 Quick Disconnect Threaded Cap 12 Add To Cart
160196-2 Quick Disconnect Threaded Cap (Small) 12 Add To Cart
160197 Quick Disconnect Threaded Cap (NO HOLE) 12 Add To Cart
160197-2 Quick Disconnect Threaded Cap (Small NO HOLE) 12 Add To Cart

Tube Dressing Kit #120140-D
Radnoti has packaged an assortment of cable/tube clips and ties that are perfect for organizing the various tubing runs on Radnoti systems. The kit consists of 5 ea. Red Reusable cable ties, 5 ea. White Reusable cable ties, 10ea double ended tube clips (perfect for offsetting the water jacket tubing lines from the vertical stainless steal rods), 5 ea. Blue Dual tube clips, 5 ea. Red Dual tube clips, 5ea Triple tube clips and 5ea 5-clip tube clips.

Catalog# Description Pkg.
120140-D Tube Dressing Kit 1