Liver/Kidney System

The isolated perfused liver and isolated perfused kidney models are reliable standards for studies in pharmacology. The donor animal in most of these studies has been the rat but recent interest has centered around the use of the mouse model. The Radnoti Liver/Kidney system can be used in constant pressure or constant flow, re-circulating or non-re-circulating experimental protocols.
Radnoti in-vitro liver/kidney chamber:

  • liver is removed from the donor.
  • suitable for both mouse and rat
  • water-jacketed and circular with a glass lid assembly.
  • flat bottomed with a side mounted drain.
  • Three ports permit the introduction of two cannula for organ perfusion and one for the removal of bile samples.
  • Flexible inlet and outlet lines are attached to luer hubbed, paired stainless steel cannula that are provided for mounting the liver or kidney.
  • The lid of the chamber has a central threaded mount for the attachment of a fiber optic cable, used for optical measurements of endogenous nucleotides or various fluorescent indicators.

The Radnoti in-situ liver chamber (sold separately):

  • liver is cannulated in the animal
  • suitable for both mouse and rat
  • flat bottomed, water-jacketed curved glass bed upon which the donor is placed.
  • Access ports are provided for catheters, and cannula.
  • The chamber is covered and has a port in the lid that permits a fiber optic cable to be positioned over the liver.

Support Components Included With the System:

  • Sturdy, adjustable four bar stand.
  • Membrane oxygenator for solutions containing proteins or blood
  • Two water-jacketed reservoirs
  • Cannula line holders: Special, compact water jacketed inlet and outlet cannula line holders are each configured to hold up to three optional electrodes (for example, an oxygen, pH and ion selective electrode), a septum covered sampling port and an access port for attachment to a pressure transducer.
  • Water-jacketed perfusate line to maintain perfusate temperature
  • Bubble traps to reduce endothelial damage caused by large gas bubbles
  • Manifolds for water, gas and perfusate control.
  • Re-circulating, constant temperature bath for temperature control.
  • Double-headed peristaltic pump is provided for recirculating of solutions and to maintain a constant pressure head or flow.

Optional Components:

  • Inline automated or manual flow meter. (used for flow measurements in constant pressure experiments)
  • Fraction collector, used for effluent sampling.
  • Automated control valves, used for exchanging solutions.
  • A syringe pump, used for drug addition and titration.
  • Oxygenation, pH and ion selective electrodes with amplifiers.