Super Heart System

For researchers requiring a full featured Isolated Heart system Radnoti has bundled a state of the art package in the S-series heart system. Capable of donor hearts ranging from Mouse through Rabbit and configurable for all langendorff modes and Isolated Working Heart (Neely). The S-series system is fully accessorized with Gold Standard products for obtaining ECG, Pacing and Stimulation, Perfusate Flow, Ejection Flow, Perfusate Pressure, Ejection Pressure, Left Ventricular Pressure, Left Ventricular Pressure Volume Loop Measurement, Buffer Ion and O2 measurement for inflow and out flow.

Available intact as a turnkey package or by modular component, the Radnoti Isolated Working Heart solutions cover every aspect of your research requirement.

The bundle is centered around the Radnoti 130101EZ Working Heart System. Additional heart chambers have been provided for easy change over to larger donor hearts.

For Pressure Volume Loop measurements Scisense PV catheters are provided in appropriate sizes for rat, mouse and rabbit. Radnoti balloon catheters and latex balloons are provided for traditional LVP measurements for Rat and larger donors. For flow measurements the new Radnoti IUF 1000-Plus flow meters are specified providing accurate flow measurements down to 5ml per minute. Three Radnoti micro pressure transducers are provided enabling accurate perfusion pressure measurement, a dedicated ejection pressure measurement and a third unit dedicated for use with the traditional LVP balloon catheter assemblies for rat and larger donor animals.

For ion measurements and O2 measurements the Micro Electrodes MI710 combination pH and MI730 O2 electrodes are provided to allow precise monitoring of the perfusate media at both the inflow and outflow. For stimulation the Astromed/Grass-Telefactor S88 Square Pulse stimulator, an industry bench mark, is specified. To acquire and process the signals the ADInstruments Power lab Ml880PHP, providing powerful acquisition and analysis features with an unmatched ease of use.

The S-series Isolated heart system is an extremely powerful yet flexible research solution giving the researcher a broad depth in Isolated heart experimental capability.