Eight Channel Tissue Bath System

Radnoti 8 Channel tissue bath System with 2 x 2 Liter Reservoirs.

  • Radnoti Tissue Bath Systems are recommended for passive and stimulated muscle preparations for cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle, smooth muscle such as aortic rings, bladder or intestine as well as many other experiments.
  • 5ml, 10ml, 25ml and 50ml baths available as standard selections with the system. Specialty tissue baths may be requested at an additional charge. The purchase of several different size baths for the unit is also an option.
  • Extremely precise independent isometric force transducers with two force range settings (0-2gm, 0-20gm), based on picofarad capacitance converted to DC voltage.
  • Superb temperature control due to our water-jacketed tissue bath and components. Start-up to 37°C in 15 mins with less than 0.01° C error.
  • Quick and easy disassembly due to our quick-disconnect tubing.
  • Easy system maintenance and long-term durability due to GLP-compliant open architecture and sturdy steel base that is coated to resist corrosive salt solutions..
  • Easy cleaning: our crystal clear borosilicate glassware is fully autoclavable and unlike plastic systems, are not affected by agents and proteins.
  • Easy replacement: Individual components allow for easy replacement in the event of breakage and can be replaced without factory return.
  • Customized configurations available. As with all Radnoti systems, the modular design allows for extreme flexibility and system reconfigurations.
  • Optional additional reservoirs may be purchased to perform complex drug additions and wash out protocols.
  • Available with our without force transducers and amplifiers
  • Available as a complete system, with Radnoti 159901A Isometric Force Transducers and amplifiers, our Radnoti 170051B Thermal Circulator Water Bath and the high-performance data acquisition package, PowerLab 8/30 with Chart Pro.

Overview of Radnoti 8-Unit Tissue Bath System:
The Radnoti 8-Unit tissue bath Systems were created to enhance the productivity of researchers by permitting them to simultaneously monitor eight preparations, allowing replication of protocols. By allowing replication of protocols, these systems give the researcher greater throughput, decrease the time required to amass data. The Tissue Bath Solution flows from a water jacketed, temperature controlled 2-liter reservoir through a glass manifold system with flow adjustment valves. The bath solutions enter the tissue bath through a pre-heating coil built within the water jacket of High Tech tissue baths. The experimenter may empty the baths via a bottom drain, controlled with a stopcock. The baths may also be used in a constant flow mode with the waste perfusate exiting an overflow outlet at the top of the bath. An optional Radnoti 5-liter plastic vacuum flask may be added to the system to aid in rapid wash and fill of the baths. Both overflow and bottom drains may be routed to permit monitoring the release of endogenous substances, drug metabolites, or to design a cascade system configuration. Bath aeration is finely controlled through the removable individual needle valves in each bath. Each tissue bath has its own force transducer and tissue tensioner, permitting rapid adjustment, positioning and tension adjustment of the specimen.