Fluoroplex System

Introducing the FluoroPlex, the world’s fastest ratiometric multi-bath tissue fluorometry system.
The FluoroPlex System is a complete system that combines our Radnoti tissue bath systems with IonOptix fluorometry and AdInstruments Powerlab data acquisition. The FluoroPlex System collects quantitative fluorescence (including ratiometric data) along with force from up to eight tissue baths simultaneously. Designed with flexibility in mind, the FluoroPlex is a application-driven product that can be tailored to the specific demands of your investigation.

Fluorescence illumination is provided by a Fluoroplex fluorometer and stand-alone controller from IonOptix, a leading manufacture of fluorometric instruments. Fluorescence data can be collected from multiple baths at up to 1000 samplings per second. Ratiometric fluorescence can be collected at up to 250 samplings per second, ideal for quantitative calcium measurements using Fura-2. Excitation and emission optics are easily interchanged for the fluorophore of your choice. The complete FluoroPlex System includes our Radnoti tissue baths, newly designed to accommodate liquid light guides. Also included are our Radnoti force transducers, amplifiers, and thermal circulator as well as a convenient light-tight box specifically built to fit the system’s dimensions. A variety of baths and chambers are available, including 5, 10, and 25ml baths. ADInstruments PowerLab USB data acquisition interface with LabChart and Scope softwares provide data handling and analysis and work with any Mac or PC. Interfaces are available in 8- and 16-channel configurations.

The Fluoroplex systems are available in a 4-unit tissue bath configuration (Product Code: 180040-CS) and 8-unit tissue bath configuration (Product Code: 180080-CS).

Complete systems for fast quantitative fluorometry:
Burst mode

  • 250 ratios/second
  • 1000 recordings/second from single excitation dyes
  • Ideal for skeletal muscle

Continuous mode

  • 10 ratios/second from 8 baths simultaneously
  • Ideal for aortic rings and other smooth muscle preps

A key innovation of the FluoroPlex System, the FluoroPlex epifluorescence illumination and detection assembly is built for fast quantitative fluorescence photometry collected from multiple tissue baths. Tissue fluorometry is completely automated through a stand-alone controller and is capable of both single and dual excitation modes. The FluoroPlex controller features a convenient digital interface and an intuitive experiment programming dialog to optimize speed and throughput. With its intelligent controller, an ingenious light path, and fast wavelength switching, the FluoroPlex promises to provide critical new insights that advance your research.


  • 75W Xenon light source: nearly uniform illumination from the UV through the visible spectrum.
  • Galvanometer-driven wavelength switching: ideal for dual excitation, the galvo enables rapid switching for quantitative ratiometric dyes such as the calcium probe Fura-2.
  • Micro-stepping multiplexer: offering precise control of light guide selection, the multiplexer steers light to as many as eight light guides.
  • Liquid light guides: providing direct interrogation of isolated tissue, liquid light guides are a highly efficient and flexible means of delivering and collecting light. Systems can be equipped with up to eight light guides to maximize experimental throughput and resources.
  • Photomultiplier tube (PMT): including an integrated high-voltage power supply and amplifier discriminator, the PMT provides reliable and sensitive light detection.
  • Innovative light path: complete with wavelength filtering specific to your fluorescent probe, the light path was painstakingly designed to minimize background while preserving signal.
  • Stand-alone controller: completely automated, intuitive interface allows easy selection of the illumination protocol. Protocols can be written in “Burst mode” for high-speed interrogation of an individual specimen before changing to the next channel, or “continuous mode” for continuous sampling of all baths. Background values are easy to collect and store. These values are automatically subtracted before data output. For dual excitation dyes, values are automatically ratioed before data output. The FluoroPlex also allows signal averaging for noise reduction.
  • High-Speed: Burst mode sampling rate is 1000 Hz (250 Hz dual excitation); Continuous mode sampling rate for four baths is 10 Hz.


  • Digital out: the digital out sends a TTL pulse for convenient synchronization with external devices, such as an electrical field stimulator.
  • Raw channels: two raw analog outputs enable constant monitoring of raw counts.
  • Data channels: eight analog outputs deliver either background-subtracted ratiometric values for dual excitation probes or background-substracted counts for single excitation and emission dyes.