Single Unit Tissue Bath System

  • for student use or pilot studies.
  • Select from 5ml, 10ml, 25ml or 50ml 1660 series or 1583 series tissue bath at the time of order.
  • Superb temperature control due to our water-jacketed tissue bath and components. Start-up to 37°C in 15 mins with less than 0.01° C error.
  • Quick and easy disassembly due to our quick-disconnect tubing.
  • Easy system maintenance and long-term durability due to GLP-compliant open architecture and sturdy steel base that is coated to resist corrosive salt solutions..
  • Easy cleaning: our crystal clear borosilicate glassware is fully autoclavable and unlike plastic systems, are not affected by agents and proteins.
  • Easy replacement: Individual components allow for easy replacement in the event of breakage and can be replaced without factory return.

The systems are recommended for passive and stimulated muscle preparations using protocols including drug titration, drug metabolism and kinetics, radio labeling, washout experiments, muscle force, and stress measurements for cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle, smooth muscle such as aortic rings, bladder or intestine as well as many other experiments. Thin, non-muscle preparations can be maintained in these baths. The experimenter may empty the baths via a bottom drain controlled with a stopcock. The bath may also be used in a constant flow mode with the waste perfusate exiting an overflow outlet at the top of the bath (1660 series only). Both overflow and drains may be routed to permit monitoring the release of endogenous substances, drug metabolites, or to design a cascade system configuration. Bath aeration is finely controlled via a removable Teflon needle valve Oxy-tube.

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