Field Stimulating Platinum Electrodes

Field Stimulating Platinum Electrodes

Electrical field stimulation is used to provoke contractions and/or the release of neurotransmitters from quiescent tissues.

The Radnoti Stimulating Electrode is constructed of platinum wire sealed in glass and is designed to insert into our organ baths. This electrode features a dual vertical spiral coil design with a 1 cm gap that provides a large, uniform electrical field that surrounds the tissue.

Our spiral coil electrodes permit observation of the tissue.

The Radnoti Stimulating Electrode is well suited for stimulating sections of blood vessels, various other smooth or skeletal muscle preparations or any type of tissue that requires field stimulation.

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158812 Stimulating Electrode for 5 – 10ml tissue organ baths 1 Add To Cart
158814 Stimulating Electrode for 25 – 50ml tissue organ baths 1 Add To Cart
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