Radnoti “RADSTIM” Stimulator with ACS (Automation Control System)

Radnoti “RADSTIM” Stimulator with ACS (Automation Control System)
A unique compact powerful stimulator with extreme flexibility in functionality.

The RADSTIM in combination with ACS control software offers big power in a small package.
Fully programable independant or master slave up to 16 units together.
Download RADSTIM software


  • Frequency 0.005-999Hz
  • Duration 10us – 99s
  • Train Rate 10ms -199s
  • Train Duration 10ms -199s
  • Repeat Count 1 – 65000
  • Repeat Rate 1ms – 6000s

Voltage Level

  • Biphasic 500mv P-P to 64V P-P
  • Monophasic 250mv-32V Peak


  • Biphasic 20-2000ma
  • Monophasic 10-1000ma

RADSTIM Power Supply

Key Components

  • Power Supply (Powers up to 4 RADSTIM Stimulators)
  • ACS Junction Box (Communicates with up to 16 Radnoti compatible devices)
  • ACS Data Stick -Customer supplied PC with Windows operating system and available USB port

Automation Control System (ACS)

This application provides control of the RADSTIM stimulators and RADPUMP pumps on a Windows
operating system. The application communicates to devices via a USB port which is connected to
the ACS Junction Box. Up to 16 Radnoti compatible devices, pumps or stimulator  modules can be
connected to the ACS Junction Box.

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