Wire Myograph

Unmatched Modularity

Designed for researchers performing contractile force studies on small ring samples ranging from 60 μm to over 1 mm diameter and segment lengths up to 3mm. The Radnoti Wire Myographs modular format allows researchers the freedom to configure systems specifically toward their experimental needs.

From the simplest form of ~ single chamber and temperature controller ~ through to ~ multi channel configurations with automation, stimulation and data acquisition ~ we aim to offer a high level of flexibility whist still retaining the same core chamber quality and functionality.

  • Increased Flexibility – Due to its fully modular design researchers can now have full control over their system configuration and set up.
  • Precise Force Measurements – We provide extremely precise independent isometric force transducers based on picofarad capacitance converted to DC voltage.
  • Safety lock – A unique feature for the ultra sensitive force transducer which gives an added margin of safety against expensive transducer damage whilst mounting the sample.
  • Enhanced view – Due to imbedded light source in the mounting station the sample can be lit from within the chamber itself in order to aid in the mounting process.
  • Heated Chamber Lid – Prevents loss of solution through evaporation and allows easy sample viewing by eliminating condensation build up.
  • Better calibration – Radnoti have developed a method for calibrating the myograph chamber in the horizontal position ensuring accurate calibration in a more user friendly method.
  • Superb temperature control – Radnoti M1600PID Temperature controller time to temperature of 15 minutes or less, with no overshoot.
  • Easy to clean – Replaceable buffer inlet, gas inlet and buffer outlet tubes. The tubes are fabricated of borosilicate glass to give the researcher a clear view of the fluid path during setup and experimentation.
  • Versatility – Muscle strip pins are also provided allowing for small skeletal or smooth muscle segments to be used in the chamber as well.

Overview of Radnoti Wire Myograph
When mounting the vessel segment, two individual parallel wires are passed through the lumen of the sample and attached to the micro vessel support brackets. Each vessel support bracket incorporates a micro groove on the face to aid in maintaining the wire position when mounting. The wires are then anchored via a locking screw on each of the brackets. (The locking screws feature a small bushing under the screw head that greatly improves capture of the support wire).
One support bracket is connected to a precision capacitance type isometric force transducer (0 – 0.5gm/0-5 gm, also available 0-2 gm/0-20 gm) that provides a true isometric measurement, i.e. less than 12.5μm deflection at 0.5gm force. This is critical when working with small vessel samples. The transducer amplifiers with LCD display are mounted directly above each myograph chamber. This is of particular benefit during application of sample pre-load, equilibration and length tension curves (Normalization procedures). The opposing support bracket is connected to a precision micrometer controlling the X axis movement, with Y and minor Z axis positioning controls conveniently located on the Myograph chamber, allowing for precise alignment of the micro vessel support brackets.
Once mounted into the 5ml chamber release the transducer safety lock and, using the X axis micrometer, rotate until desired pre-load is achieved. Repeat as required during equilibration period. Once optimal preload has been determined your experimental investigation can begin.

The Myograph system can be used to investigate:

  • Small vessel length, diameter, function, wall tension and thickness.
  • Isometric response to chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Endothelium studies.
  • Role of ion channels, such as Calcium and Potassium, in smooth muscle.
  • Contractile properties of small arterial resistance vessels.

These are just a few examples of the Wire Myographs many possible applications. Building up to multi channel systems gives researchers the advantage of comparing samples against their controls and under a variety of different conditions, which can be very beneficial when studying the effects of drugs on small samples of smooth muscle.
*For samples with lumen diameters of 1mm or more, the standard Radnoti Tissue Organ Bath systems are recommended.

Vessel Size References for Mouse 20 – 30 grams

Vessel Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
Ascending Aorta 1.0 -1.1 2.5 – 3.0
Renal Artery 0.3 – 0.4 2.5
Femoral Artery 0.3 – 0.4 .
Carotid Artery 0.45 – 0.55 .
Superior Mesenteric 0.45 – 0.55 .
Abdominal Aorta 0.9 .

Setup options for the Radnoti Myograph

Water Jacketed Reservoir Setup for Myograph single chamberMygraph-gravity-feed

Water Jacketed Reservoir Setup for Myograph using 2 chamber’s2-channel-myograph-setup

4 channel Myograph configuration using in flow and out flow pumps4-channel-diagram-myograph

Radnoti Dry Block Temperature Control with Radnoti Fluidic Control Pump Modules

The Radnoti Dry Block Temperature Control is designed for up to 4 Radnoti 120ml non-water-jacketed Dry Block reservoirs. The reservoirs require oxygenating bubbler with fluid return port for non water jacketed reservoir. When used in combination with Radnoti Fluidic Control Pump Modules allow for buffer temperature control and automated buffer delivery.

For a single sample chamber configuration users may populate with 1-4 reservoirs.myograph-dry-block-option

For multiple reservoirs, up to four per dry block temperature controller  manifolds with stopcocks are used for inflow selection and return selection4-channel-dry-block-option


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