Radnoti Isolated Heart Systems

Supports all Langendorff Modes in addition to Working Heart.  Customized configurations available.  As with all Radnoti systems, the modular design allows for extreme flexibility and system reconfiguration.

Radnoti Tissue Organ Bath Systems

Passive and stimulated muscle preparations for cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle, smooth muscle such as aortic rings, bladder or intestine as well as many other experiments.

Radnoti Multi Channel Stimulator

Radnoti Multi Channel Stimmulator with ACS (Automation Control System)
A unique compact powerful stimulator with extreme flexibility in functionality.
Fully programmable, independent or master slave up to 16 units together.


Glassware components

The complete line of Radnoti glassware components for all of our systems and stand alone glass products.  All of our glassware is made by us of the finest borasilicate glass. 

System hardware

Our thermal circulation pumps and peristaltic pumps.  Also all of our lab stand hardware and universal stand clamps and system tubing.

Tissue Supports and Stimulation

Our comprehensive line of tissue supports and stimulation accessories to complement your isolated tissue studies. 

Radnoti Wire Myograph

Designed for researchers performing contractile force studies on small ring samples ranging from 60 μm to over 1 mm diameter and segment lengths up to 3mm.

The Radnoti Wire Myograph modular format allows researchers the freedom to configure systems specifically toward their experimental needs.