Heart System Questionnaire

Please answer all the questions below that you can. Your answers will help us provide the most suitable and cost effective solution for your needs. If you cannot answer all the questions, that is ok. Answer what you can and this will get the conversation started. Thank you.


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Determining System Requirements

Please indicate all donor animal you want to use with the system. Keep in mind there is no one system that will cover all cases. Typically Mouse systems can run mouse and rat, rat systems can run rat and guinea pig as well as rabbit, with the swap out to a medium sized heart chamber. Porcine systems can be adapted for up to full size slaughter house pigs down to large canine.

MouseRatRabbitGuinea PigPig
Other donor


Heart System Models

If you already know type of heart system you require please indicate here. If you are unsure of constant flow or constant pressure, select constant pressure as it can be run in both constant pressure and constant flow modes.
Constant FlowConstant PressureConstant Flow Re-CirculatingConstant Pressure Re-CirculatingWorking Heart
Other system model:


Do You require a data acquisition system

Radnoti can help you with a data acquisition system that is right for you. Be it from scratch or updating or augmenting an existing bundle.

Please select the performance indicators you anticipate for your study.
The selection of performance indicators will help to determine the instrumentation and data acquisition system that is best suited to your needs.
Perfusion PressurePerfussion FlowLVPLVP Pressure/Volume LoopsO2pHTemperatureECGOther IonRate spontaneousRate PacedEjection Pressure
Other indicator:


Are you interested in fluorescence on the heart?
yesnonot now, possibly in the future


Please let us know anything else that you think is relevant towards targeting your specific system requirement.

If you have additional requirements that do not seem obvious above, please take a moment to indicate them here. Some of the more common requirements are: Test and Control buffer solutions, Partial and Global Ischemia Re-perfusion, Adapting the system for Optical High Speed Imaging. Adapting the system for radio labeled compounds etc...

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